Police officer and aide walk into court in Tirunelveli – The New Indian Express


By Express press service

CHENNAI: Constable Senthilkumar and his associate Isac, who allegedly killed and burned the body parts of a taxi driver in Chennai two weeks ago, surrendered in a Tirunelveli court on Monday. Padalam police requested to take the accused into custody.

On June 1, Aishwarya from Vijayaraghavapuram in KK Nagar filed a complaint that her husband Ravi (26), a car driver, had disappeared on May 31. She alleged that Constable Senthilkumar, their neighbor, and four others forcibly took her from the lodge.

After investigation, police said Kavitha, who has lived with Senthilkumar for eight years, often argued with Aishwarya over the dumping of rubbish and other minor issues. Senthilkumar also used to argue with Ravi often under the influence of alcohol, police added.

Senthilkumar hatched to kidnap Ravi along with his associates including Isac, a fruit seller, to threaten him to stay away from his family. However, when Senthilkumar hit Ravi with a wooden stick, the latter collapsed and died. “After hiding the severed body in his home for a day, Senthilkumar put it in a burlap sack under the guise of moving house,” police said.

The body parts were first dumped inside a dilapidated building, but then they decided to burn it. However, they left a leg, which was recovered and sent for DNA testing. The rest of the body was set on fire. Further investigations are ongoing.


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