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Although its licensing plans for businesses are notoriously Byzantine, Microsoft has confirmed the pricing and availability of Office 2021 for consumers and small businesses.

The Windows giant would really prefer the large unwashed listing for a Microsoft 365 subscription, “However, we know some customers still prefer a non-subscription version of the core Office apps for PC and Mac, which is why we’re releasing Office 2021. “

Starting October 5 (when Windows 11 is expected to come out of the shadows, complete with its hardware removal ax), Office 2021 for home and student, filled with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Teams for PC and Mac, be available for $ 149.99. Spend another $ 100 on the Home and Business edition and you get Outlook for PC and Mac as well as the “use the applications for business” rights.

Office 2021 includes some of the features of Microsoft 365, including new features in Excel, such as XLOOKUP, and support for OpenDocument (ODF) 1.3. This compatibility would make a migration to an alternate productivity suite much simpler if Microsoft’s demands made a user think twice in the future.

Office 2021 and Microsoft 365 also received a visual refresh “to deliver a consistent and seamless experience on a new Windows 11 PC,” because if you want Windows 11, let’s face it, a substantial proportion of users will need a new one. PC.

As recently as last week, a survey of more than 30 million Windows devices used in 60,000 organizations indicated that more than half of the workstations would not be able to run the operating system.

Microsoft 365 for home costs $ 6.99 per month, or $ 69.99 per year, while households of up to six people (and requiring up to six licenses) can opt for the Microsoft 365 Home edition of 9. , $ 99 per month ($ 99.99 per year). PC users also get Access and Publisher, the latter still inexplicably a thing after all these years.

Subscribers will also be dealt Microsoft Teams in the coming months along with new features that will not be included in Office 2021.

The announcement came with a reminder that the suite is only Windows 10 and Windows 11, and that Office 2013 would not be supported on Windows 11. Finally, it should also be considered that if one hopes to use Microsoft 365 or those Office 2021 editions “non-subscriptions”, a Microsoft account and internet connection are required.

You will need to opt for the Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) edition of Office if you want to avoid connectivity requests from Microsoft. ®


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