Privileges, discounts for determined people in Dubai reviewed


During the session, Mohammed Obaid Al Mulla, Member of the Board of Directors of RTA and Chairman of the Customer Council, listed the privileges that RTA offers to determined individuals. They include 100% waiver of vehicle registration and renewal fees, free delivery service, 50% waiver of driver’s license service fees, and permanent and temporary parking permits.

Privileges include allocation of free parking spaces in all parking areas of the emirate, provision of permanent and temporary parking lots for tourists in this category, 100% exemption from Salik tolls for one vehicle, the provision of vehicles adapted to the training of drivers in this category, the deployment of 27 taxis equipped to meet the needs of determined people and offering a 50% reduction on taxi fares.

Al Mulla said: “RTA offers a wide range of services tailored to the needs of various categories of determined people. It includes smart and electronic services such as accessibility of the RTA website at the POD, the provision of free mobility services and the designation of special places on board the metro, tram, public buses and maritime means of transport. to make them accessible and safe for the use of people of determination. RTA has also designed and equipped its premises and facilities to be welcoming to determined individuals and ensure their smooth clearance during emergency situations. He also trained employees, especially front-line staff, on etiquette for dealing with determined people. RTA is also keen to recruit staff of both sexes from this category and assign them to jobs corresponding to their abilities. »

Several ideas and suggestions came up during the session, focusing on improving services to determinate people. These reinforce the training of taxi and public bus drivers, public transport attendants as well as RTA reception staff on the etiquette of dealing with all categories of determinate and autistic people.

The suggestions also called for the development of a training program guided by scientific methodology in the service of determined people in collaboration with the centers and institutes of determined people.

According to RTA, the rally also called for stepping up community awareness campaigns to showcase RTA’s achievements and services to determined individuals and autistic patients, familiarize themselves with services, initiatives and discounts offered by RTA to individuals through RTA’s social media channels, website, and various media outlets to profile RTA as a determined people-friendly government agency. The meeting was also attended by Mariam Othman, Executive Director of the Rashid Center for People of Determination.


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