Pump crisis: Ayrshire gas stations resume operations



Over the weekend, gas station hoarding became a hot topic of shortage, and many people in Ayrshire came out to fill tanks.

Employees at the gas station said it was the worst since Friday night when scores of people joined the line and chose to refuel just in case. A cashier said: “It was absolute chaos, I’ve never seen anything like it. It is really ridiculous.

As the Tesco and Asda lines wind their way up the main road, traffic jams have occurred when customers tried to refuel their vehicles to get enough fuel after work.

On Saturday evening, the Airrank taxi driver said: “Many more have already returned home. I have half the tank left, so I will continue until it’s gone, but there is no way to refuel with this shift. ”

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But this morning was another story.

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While driving Air to Ardrossan, all of the gas stations I visited except one had power. The queue was also minimal. The pump panic subsided and people were able to fill the car in an orderly fashion.

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Speaking to a cashier, he said: “They were full overnight and there was no problem today.”

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So was it just a weekend incident? What “encouraged” the panic? And were you affected by the oil crisis this weekend?

Pump crisis: Ayrshire gas stations resume operations Pump crisis: Ayrshire gas stations resume operations



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