Punjab to implement transparent bus timetables soon


The government of Punjab will soon be implementing a transparent bus timetable. The announcement was made by State Transport Minister Amarinder Singh Raja Warring, given the high demand from all small private bus operators, tourist, minibus and school bus operators and taxi unions. from Punjab.

Warring, in a series of meetings, assured that a transparent and appropriate bus schedule would be developed and implemented soon. At the same time, he said they could also benefit from a tax exemption for the period of Covid-19.

“I am well aware that around 90% of the bus industry is associated with small bus operators and employs over 1.5 lakh of people in the state. While the state will deal harshly with the big bus mafia, simultaneously the small bus industry would not be allowed to die, ”Warring said at the meeting with the small bus operators delegation led by MP Faridkot Kushaldeep Singh Dhillon.

Regarding the request for tax exemption from bus operators, the Minister of Transport said the ministry will propose a kilometer-per-kilometer tax exemption program in the coming days, in addition to considering extending the program. amnesty until March 31, 2022.

He has categorically stated that tax-defaulting bus operators will have to pay pre-Covid-era taxes at all costs or else no one will benefit from the extended amnesty regime.

MP Dhillon, drafting the demands, said the number of small bus operators in the state is high and they are constantly being exploited by the big bus mafia, therefore small bus operators would benefit from the rules of the fair play in this profession.

The Minister of Transport called on representatives of private bus operators, trade unions of minibus and tourist bus operators, school bus operators and taxi unions to form three-member committees so that the demands can be addressed in a short time.

He assured all unions that the economy was affected worldwide and that every section had suffered during the difficult times of Covid and given this aspect the government was considering extending the exemptions to all sections involved in transport services.


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