Retired cop turned taxi driver found dead in taxi


A retired police sergeant turned taxi driver was found unresponsive in his vehicle in Fanling on Thursday morning but was later pronounced dead.

Police received a report at around 6am today of a taxi driver who had collapsed in his car next to Flora Plaza on Lui Ming Road in Fanling and sent a response team to the scene to to take care of him. The unconscious man was rushed to hospital but later pronounced dead.

The 65-year-old driver, surnamed Chan, was confirmed to be a retired Hong Kong police sergeant who previously served at Traffic New Territories North headquarters.

A search of the taxi by the police led to the discovery of several drugs.

Officers speculated that Chan may have suffered from a sudden illness before passing out, but the cause of his death has yet to be determined by a new autopsy.

According to Choi, the owner of the taxi company Chan drove for, the deceased was working that morning.

Colleagues noticed Chan’s taxi parked on the side of the road for more than 10 minutes after his shift started, then found him unconscious in the car and called the police.

Chan became a police officer before the age of 20 and worked as a taxi driver for almost seven years after his retirement.

He worked five days a week, saying driving the taxi was his “emotional sustenance”.

Chan was diagnosed with high blood pressure but was generally healthy, Choi said.


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