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Rising fuel prices affect taxi operators | Mangaluru News

Magaluru: Taxi and maxi taxi operators, who were hoping to recover from losses suffered as a result of the pandemic this holiday season, are being hit hard by rising fuel prices.
Anand K, general secretary of the Dakshina Kannada Taximen and Maxicab Association, told TOI: “The pandemic has hit us hard and many taxi and maxi taxi owners are struggling to repay their loans. Many drivers have turned to other professions. We expected business to take off this holiday season from Dasara as people started to travel, especially to temples in and across the state. However, business is not going on the planned lines. Customers, after an initial survey, generally tend to compare fares with the last trip and feel that traveling in their own vehicle or borrowing a friend or relative’s vehicle is cheaper. While we have a fair number of inquiries, these don’t turn into business. ”
Taxis have also increased their prices. He said taxis which charged Rs 2,500 per day have increased fares to Rs 3,000 per day for 250 km, which is a minimum distance that a consumer must pay whether they walk the distance or not. Previous tariffs were set when diesel cost Rs 60 per liter, Anand said.
“We recently met with the Transport Commissioner with a request for pricing through the District Road Transport Authority (RTA). However, although this may not be possible, the Commissioner assured that he would look into various problems that we shared with him. We hope the government will take action to crack down on vehicles on board (white license plate) that are used as taxis. This further aggravates the crisis for taxi owners. Private vehicles are deliberately hired from taxi services by owners to earn money, and in the event of an accident, insurance claim will certainly be a problem, ”he said.
The association also called on authorities at Mangaluru International Airport to reduce parking fees. The association has nearly 2,600 members with around 5,000 vehicles.

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