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A McAlester taxi service has expanded its fleet and plans to expand to two more cities soon.

Rover Taxi in McAlester has added two Nissan Leaf cars to bring its fleet to eight and plans to expand to two more cities, hopefully, within the next year.

“McAlester has been very good to us so we want to continue and take care of this area,” said Kenny Hall, co-owner.

Rover Taxi started in 2019 and struggled with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic before rebounding last summer to add four Nissan Leaf vehicles serving 60 to 80 daily customers at that time.

Now the service is looking to increase its staff by 15 drivers at McAlester after securing around 180 daily customers.

“It’s more than what we thought was at McAlester,” Hall said with a chuckle.

Customers plan trips for a variety of things – they shop for groceries, commute to work, visit friends and family, and more. Services aim to stay within a 250-mile radius of McAlester, with some clients scheduled to travel to Tulsa, Dallas, Oklahoma City, and other locations.

Owners said Nissan Leaf cars offer more storage space and better mileage to help Rover Taxi provide better service to customers.

Last year’s vehicles were available in red, white, blue and black, while the latest additions to the fleet are gray and white, all with electric charges up front. Each vehicle will be equipped with cameras and Rover Taxi packaging.

The expansion of vehicles has led owners to number vehicles after previously relying on the colors of the cars. The owners said the numbering system would help them continue with their expansion plans.

Hall said Rover Taxi would complete licensing, insurance and “anything that makes it legal to be on the road as a taxi” so vehicles can be rotated by November 1.

“But they’re good to go,” co-owner Greg Dunn said of the mechanics of the vehicles.

Hall said the owner group is grateful for the support from the community and is pleasantly surprised at how quickly the business has taken off after just three years.

Rover Taxi owners have said they hope to add expansion sites to Durant and Ada within a year while keeping their headquarters in McAlester.

“It’s all in the works,” Hall said. “We don’t have any dates yet, but we plan to expand into several cities.

“It’s going to happen, we don’t know when yet,” he said, adding that the owner group hopes to continue to expand beyond that.

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