Row of bicycle taxis: Rapido accuses the government. for violating the court’s interim order


Roppen Transport Services Pvt. Ltd., which operates bicycle taxis under the Rapido brand, complained to the Karnataka High Court that state authorities are seizing its vehicles in violation of an interim court order, which in August last year had ordered the state not to take any coercive action against him.

The allegation was made before a divisional bench, consisting of Chief Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi and Justice CM Poonacha, during the hearing of a motion for contempt of court filed by the company. However, the government’s lawyer refuted the allegation, saying that the claimant company’s bike taxis were seized before the interim order issued by a single judge on August 11, 2021.

“Virtual Licensing”

Further, the government’s attorney told the House that the interim order passed by the judge had virtually resulted in the “granting of a license” to the company, while pointing out that the government had not yet defined rules for the granting of a license for the operation of bicycle taxis.

The government lawyer also argued that the company could not operate bicycle taxis without obtaining a license, while pointing out that the government had recently asked the single judge to hear the company’s motion for an order, in which the company had challenged the rejection of its licensing application.

Last year, the company filed a writ petition pointing out that its application for a bicycle aggregator license to the Transport Commissioner had been rejected while issuing an approval for the company to apply under the 2021 scheme. from Karnataka Electricity Bike Taxi (KEBT).

“Wrong denial”

However, the company pointed out that its claim was not for the use of electric two-wheelers but general bicycles and therefore the rejection of its claim was wrong.

The company had submitted the license application following a Bench Division order in April 2021 (during the first round of litigation over the issue of disregarding bicycle taxi licensing applications) had said the government should consider applications for the granting of a license because the Motor Vehicles Act provided for the use of rental motorbikes to carry a passenger on the passenger.

Meanwhile, the bench adjourned the hearing on the contempt motion for two weeks asking the government to file its written statements.


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