Search for a company to build the Noida helipad begins | News from Noida


Noida: The Noida Authority on Friday launched global tenders for the heliport project in Sector 151A. The company that is ultimately chosen will have to build and operate the heliport for 30 years.
The company will have to build not only aeronautical facilities, but also non-aeronautical and passenger facilities. While aeronautical installations include aerodrome control services, aerodrome lighting, taxiway, helipad, traffic lights, apron, fire fighting building , etc.
Officials said the Authority will hold a meeting with interested companies on Jan.31 and is expected to shortlist the agency by April.
“As the project is to be developed according to the public-private partnership model, we were waiting for the green light from the state government. The financial and technical backgrounds and expertise of interested companies would be assessed before the most appropriate one is selected, ”said Ritu Maheshwari, Chairman and CEO of the Authority.
The project is estimated at Rs 43 crore and will be tailored to the size and specification of the utility helicopter, Bell 412, and its popular variants. Widely used by private and commercial operators and defense forces, Bell 412 is large enough to accommodate 12 passengers. The helipad was envisioned as a base for air taxi services to IGI Delhi Airport and the future Noida International Airport in Jewar, as well as shuttle services to nearby tourist sites.
Rajiv Tyagi, the senior general manager, said the parking area would have the capacity to provide parking space for five helicopters at a time. “The operator will also have to make arrangements to allow circulation and parking of the MI 172, which is large enough to hold 26 passengers at a time and is used for emergency operations and for the transport of VIPs”, a- he added.
The terminal, Tyagi said, will be designed to allow the movement of 40 people at a time – 20 getting off helicopters and 20 getting on board. Officials said operations would only be allowed during the day.
The helipad will span 9.3 acres in the village of Kambakshpur in Sector 151A. While the Authority will provide the rights to use its land for commercial operations, it will command a share of the revenues.
While specifying the terms and conditions in the tender document, the Authority has made it clear that the facility will be named Noida Heliport. A bank guarantee of approximately Rs 1.3 crore must be deposited by the concessionaire.


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