Sheffield Clean Air Zone: Taxi driver launches petition against controversial charge


Ibrar Hussain, former Burngreave adviser and 34-year taxi driver, started the petition to highlight concerns over the scheme which would see the most polluting taxi drivers charging £ 10 a day to drive into the city center.

He said the trade would be badly affected and traditional black taxis would “end up” in Sheffield if the specifications of the cab cars were not changed.

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In his petition statement, he said: “We, the authorized drivers, call on the council to urgently launch the consultation on the hackney transport vehicle specification policy.

Clean air zone should be introduced in Sheffield city center

“We are calling on every member of Sheffield City Council, the Licensing Board and the Executive Cabinet to take immediate action. In addition, the licensing department should act immediately with this consultation with the licensed vehicle carriage owners as stakeholders. “

He added that Sheffield had around 610 licensed horse drawn carriage vehicles and that was declining rapidly.

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Rather than the proposed emission standard, he asked the council to allow a mixed fleet similar to the Clean Air Zone plans proposed in Leeds.

The petition has so far collected over 100 signatures and can be found here.The Sheffield Council Co-operative executive made the historic decision to introduce a clean air zone at a special meeting at Town Hall this week.

The toll zone will cover the inner ring road and the city center including Park Square and the A61 / Parkway junction and will be enforced using automatic license plate recognition cameras.

Taxis and heavy goods vehicles that do not meet the emission standard will be charged £ 10 per day and coaches, buses and heavy goods vehicles will be charged £ 50 per day to travel within the area.

Drivers will need to have Euro 6 diesel or Euro 4 petrol engines to avoid charging.

Just under £ 24million has been donated to implement Sheffield and Rotherham’s clean air plans. Of this, £ 3.5million has been allocated from the Implementation Fund, which will be used for the establishment of the pricing zone and road programs, and £ 20.4million from Clean Air Fund, which will be used to help drivers upgrade.

A consultation on this financial support will begin in November.


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