Slog AM: North West Carpenters Union Strike, Anthony White Wins Betty Bowen Award, Someone From Everett Orbiting Earth Right Now – Slog


Seattle artist Anthony White gets unrestricted cash prize of $ 15,000 and solo show at SAM next year. Courtesy of SAM

The King County Water Taxi will maintain its summer hours to serve residents of West Seattle: The city and county struck a deal yesterday that “will allow increased water taxi services for residents as long as the West Seattle Bridge is closed,” reports KING 5. Instead of summer service ending on October 15, Seattle residents can now take the water taxi from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week.


American gymnasts harshly criticize the FBI for its mismanagement of the Larry Nassar investigation: Simone Biles, Aly Raisman, McKayla Maroney and varsity gymnast Maggie Nichols all testified yesterday about failures in the government agency’s handling of sexual harassment and assault complaints in the U.S. gymnastics program, The Hill reports. “Not charging these officers is a disservice to me and my teammates, a disservice to the system which is designed to protect us all from abuse,” said Maroney. FBI Director Christopher Wray apologized to women for the office’s role in the abuse.

Spotted: Endangered North Pacific Right Whales in the Gulf of Alaska. Sightings of these sea beasts are relatively rare – their populations number around 30 – and this summer, scientists got close enough to make acoustic recordings of two right whales. The Seattle weather has that and more here.

President Biden will deliver a speech this afternoon: This time around, Ol ‘Joe will put in place the structure of his administration’s plan to tax the rich (do you think he saw the AOC dress?), Strengthen the middle class, and kick-start the economy into high gear. A White House official told NBC News the president “will argue that the United States cannot return to the current situation for the middle class before the coronavirus pandemic.” Biden also plans to give the IRS the power to “crack down on the wealthiest Americans who have evaded paying taxes.” Do you hear that Bezos?

Honestly, I can’t get enough of this Nicki Minaj story: Earlier this week, the unvaccinated rapper said she did not attend the Met Gala due to her vaccine needs. As evidence to support her reluctance to vaccinate, she tweeted that her cousin’s friend in Trinidad had swollen balls and “became helpless” after being vaxxed. This viral (and fake) tweet made so much noise that the fucking island nation’s health minister investigated the claim and found it to be false. Even Fauci weighed in. Now the White House is calling Nicki, offering to put her in touch “with one of the doctors in the Biden administration to answer his questions about the COVID-19 vaccine.” Government resources are used on this!

Jesus would be proud: The North West Carpenters Union is on strike after a 56% to 44% weekend vote rejected a contractual deal and allowed the move, Heidi Groover reports to the Seattle weather. Carpenters are looking for “bigger pay increases in their next contract to keep up with the cost of living.” The effects of the strike are far-reaching, stopping work on “hundreds of construction projects in the region, ranging from sites with a few carpenters to large projects”.

After weeks of steady decline, the number of people filing unemployment claims is on the rise: 332,000 Americans claimed benefits last week, up from 312,000 the week before, AP reports. The news agency observes that this is “a sign that worsening COVID infections may slightly increase layoffs.”

Foreigner Cover star Anthony White is a winner, babe: The Seattle Art Museum announced yesterday that the Seattle-based painter has won her 2021 Betty Bowen Award. White is taking down an unrestricted cash prize of $ 15,000 and a solo exhibition at SAM next year. “It has been my dream to one day exhibit my work at the Seattle Art Museum, and it’s exciting that the opportunity is now in sight,” White said in a press release announcing the news. Humaira Abid and Tariqa Waters win special recognition awards, both of which are endowed with $ 2,500. If you’re unfamiliar with White’s “paintings” made of plastic and stuffed with references to millennial pop culture / boredom, can I suggest a show to rectify that?

Also in case you missed it: Decolonize SAM, a collective of museum workers, updated its call to boycott the museum for its policy towards the homeless community after management sacked an outside security agency earlier this month.

Brief weather update: The calm before the storm (rain)!

Make sure you pay for your light rail ticket: On Monday, Sound Transit officially launched a pilot program deploying “Fare Ambassadors” who will politely verify your proof of payment and provide you with “assistance and information on transit service,” the CHS Blog reports. The program will last eight months and these ambassadors will not have the authority to issue citations. The pilot was trained in response to “discomfort with fare control officers who look like law enforcement,” says Sound Transit, especially in light of the fact that black passengers receive a disproportionate amount of penalties on the service.

Washington State will host 1,679 Afghan refugees, according to the State Department: And of that, 575 Afghans will settle here in Seattle, KOMO reports. Let us welcome them with open arms.

U.S. Capitol gearing up for what could be Redux Uprising: This Saturday, authorities in Washington, DC are preparing for a far-right rally called “Justice for J6”, – referring to the day when thousands of idiots stormed the Capitol building – held in protest “the ongoing criminal cases related to people indicted after the siege,” NPR reports. In response, a fence around the perimeter of the Capitol has been put up and the National Guard will be on standby.

There’s someone from Everett blasting hundreds of miles above the Earth’s surface right now: Chris Sembroski, an Everett data engineer, is currently orbiting our big blue planet with three other civilians as part of SpaceX’s first all-amateur private flight. For three full days, the crew, which includes billionaire Jared Isaacman, will circle the Earth at a distance “160 kilometers higher than the International Space Station” in the so-called Dragon capsule. It will then descend into the waters off Florida, AP reports. I would shit my pants at that thought!

For your listening pleasure: “The Return of the Mack” by Mark Morrison. I heard someone blow this out of their car window last weekend and I remembered how much I love this song … a classic.



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