South Korea’s Jeju Island plans air taxi routes for tourists


Jeju Island has announced plans to launch eVTOL air taxi routes for tourists in 2025, making it the first municipality in South Korea to adopt urban air mobility (UAM) plans.

According to an exclusive report in the Herald of Koreaflight paths along the island’s coastlines will connect Jeju International Airport to some of the island’s most popular tourist destinations.

A route will cover the distance between the airport and the Moseulpo area, on a small peninsula in the southwest corner of the island. A second route will connect Moseulpo to Gapado and Marado, two small islands south of Moseulpo. A third route will connect Jeju International Airport to Seongsan Ilchulbong, a mountain peak in the far east of Jeju Island commonly known as “Sunrise Peak”.

Jeju Island officials worked with South Korean airline Kencoa Aerospace and the Jeju Free International City Development Center to design the routes, which “would allow tourists to jump on electric vertical take-off and landing.” [eVTOL] planes at Jeju airport and land directly at tourist spots and transfer to nearby drone taxis,” Kencoa Aerospace CEO Chung Chan-young told the Herald of Korea.

“Jeju functions as a perfect testbed and the best location to leverage UAM for the region’s benefits,” Chung added. “Examining geographic features across the coastline is less complicated, and establishing a vertiport on the sea can also work.”

It remains to be determined exactly which eVTOL air taxis will use these routes, but South Korea already plans to work with several companies on air taxi services and vertiports in the country.

Just last week, South Korean electric aviation company MintAir tentatively agreed to purchase 40 Jaunt Journey eVTOL air taxis to operate in Korean markets. South Korean company Hanwha Systems has also partnered with Skyports to develop UAM infrastructure in Korea. Additionally, Jeju Island officials plan to install vertiports at major hotels on the island, according to the Herald of Korea. The island welcomes millions of tourists every year.


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