Spalding Water Taxi return service after three years


Spalding’s popular Water Taxi service will return for the first time since 2019 next month.

The boats, which shuttle between downtown and Springfields, will resume operations with a “soft launch” on Saturday, April 2 at 10 a.m.

The service has not been able to operate since the end of the 2019 season due to two full years of disruption caused by the Covid pandemic.

Anthony Grunwell and his dog Archie with one of Spalding’s water taxis

COO Anthony Grunwell said: “I am delighted.

“During the pandemic, we have had many inquiries about the water taxi and I speak to people in town, so I know we have missed it very, very much.

“How many cities have a facility like this? It’s unique to Spalding.

A boat will run between the Spalding and Springfields stops from 10am to 5pm daily – although there are two boats on Saturdays to provide hourly service in each direction.

With preparations underway, the team also has to deal with the aftermath of vandalism to Springfields Pier.

Mr Grunwell said: “We have to do a lot of work with this pier and get the boats ready.

“It’s horrible to see the amount of waste.

“I went beyond anger – it upsets me so much to see our beautiful countryside littered and destroyed.”

Last year, operators introduced a ‘self-driving’ scheme where people could rent the boats and make up for the usual lack of service by taking them on a trip down the Welland River.

Mr Grunwell said the idea proved successful – and in fact introduced the boats to local people who may not have used them before.

He said: ‘Strangely enough a lot of people in the area were new to the water taxi because it was a ‘stay away’ situation.

“They used the boat and came back and said they hadn’t realized how fantastic it was.”

He said the service will continue to take into account some of the safety lessons of Covid to ensure users feel comfortable returning to the Water Taxi.

Mr Grunwell added: ‘We have learned a lot from Covid, particularly on safety and hygiene and I hope others will take heed, if you excuse the expression.’


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