S’pore woman uses her dad’s cab as a wedding car to honor 19 years in the profession


Woman uses taxi as wedding car to honor her father’s contributions to the family

Many women dream of a lavish wedding and driving a luxury car. But Mrs. Kavitha D/O Palaniappan decided to do things differently by using her father’s taxi as a bridal car.

His father’s employer, ComfortDelGro, shared the touching story on Facebook Friday (January 14).


Ms Kavitha wanted to honor all that her father provided to the family by working as a taxi driver.

So his family worked with the transport company to make this possible.

Father drives taxi for 19 years to fund children’s education

According to ComfortDelGro, Ms. Kavitha’s father has driven for the company for 19 years.

For Mr. Paliappan, the taxi is more than just a mode of transportation – the income it provides has allowed him to support his family, becoming a valuable part of their lives.

By driving the taxi almost every day for almost 2 decades, he was able to finance the polytechnic studies of Mrs. Kavitha and her brother.

At 73, he still refuses to retire as he has fallen in love with his job.

Family & ComfortDelGro Make Wedding Car Taxi Happen Together

The ingenious idea of ​​using the token taxi as a bridal car came from none other than Mrs. Kavitha’s mother.

Hearing it, Mr. Palaniappan was reportedly so excited that he immediately asked ComfortDelGro for permission.

Without hesitation, the company helped him get approval from the authorities the same day.

This isn’t the first time ComfortDelGro has allowed its taxi to be used as a wedding car.

Dad deftly navigates heavy traffic on the wedding day himself

Of course, the driver himself got behind the wheel on the wedding day, using his extensive driving experience and expertise to navigate heavy traffic.

Although the roads were particularly busy, Mr. Palaniappan helped his daughter arrive on time for the wedding reception.


Thanks in part to him, her marriage was able to go smoothly.

You can’t put a price on family

While many people’s ideal wedding may be luxurious and grand, others may seek to make theirs even more meaningful by celebrating their family’s treasured memories.

After all, an expensive wedding does not always have the greatest value.

Perhaps the best way to make a special day more memorable is to commemorate what’s special to you, regardless of its monetary value.

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Featured image adapted from ComfortDelGro Taxi on Facebook.


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