Stop Harassment: Bike Taxi Service Providers Protest RTO Action


Owners of two-wheelers attached to the Rapido taxi service protested near the Koramangala RTO office at HSR Layout, accusing officials of imposing a Rs 10,500 fine.

The protest comes a day after Road Transport Office (RTO) officials seized more than 150 bikes, saying using whiteboard vehicles for commercial purposes violates the Motor Vehicle Act.

Rapido, an app-based aggregator, offers a bike taxi service. The two-wheelers do not belong to the company. Individual owners register with Rapido to get reservations for rides for which the company takes a commission.

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“Auto rickshaw and taxi drivers book rides and help RTO officials catch us. We don’t do anything illegal.

“In fact, we help people move from one place to another at an affordable price. Why don’t the authorities allow us to earn a living,” a driver asked.

Another driver said DH that RTO officials imposed a fine of Rs 10,500 but gave them no receipt. “They wrote the amount on a piece of paper and signed it. Who will recognize this as an official document? This harassment must stop,” he said.

‘Ban Rapido’

Meanwhile, members of the Peace Auto and Taxi Drivers Association staged a protest against bicycle taxis and submitted a memorandum to the government calling for Rapido to be banned.

“Over the past two years, our daily income has taken a hit due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Allowing bike taxis will take away even the last rupees we manage to earn,” said Manirajan, a motorist.

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