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Thousands of commuters across Sydney were told not to travel by train today after negotiations between Transport for NSW, NSW Trainlink and the Rail, Tram and Buss Union (RTBU) broke down overnight. Union secretary Alex Claassens said workers showed up to work this morning ready to engage in low-level protected industrial action that would have had no impact on commuters, only to be told by management that the trains would not be running today. Transport NSW said it could not operate trains safely in Sydney. Balgownie’s wife, Adele Tanner, 72, was caught up in the chaos on Monday as she tried to make it to a funeral in the Sutherland Shire. She said she called ahead on Sunday afternoon to make sure she had the correct train schedule and paid for a taxi to make sure she would be at the station on time. “I arrived and there was nobody and I was alone at the station when the announcement was made that there was no train, so I asked some gentlemen who were waiting for the shuttle UOW if there were buses,” she said. “I stood at the bus stop and asked some buses what was going on but they didn’t know. And I called a lady from Premier but she also didn’t know and said that ‘it would be too late for shuttles to run. “It’s just chaos. I stood on the platform and burst into tears. It wasn’t easy for me to organize myself, I’m 72 and I was rushing like crazy .” With no other option, Ms Tanner called her daughter who lives in Sydney and agreed to come downstairs to help her mother get to the funeral of her beloved 93-year-old aunt. Passengers are advised to research alternative transport methods to check Transport NSW’s social media channels for updates. Read more: ‘It was her goal’: Shellharbour community remembers Emma Ryall Commuters from Illawarra to Sydney will not be able to use intercity services. NSW Transport Secretary Rob Sharp said the industrial action would leave tens of thousands of people stranded without the ability to plan alternative transport. “We are doing everything we can to minimize the impact on commuters and we sincerely apologize to anyone inconvenienced by this industrial action,” Mr Sharp said. “It was a tough decision to make but we cannot and will not compromise on safety.” “We appeared before the Fair Work Commission twice over the weekend, including at 8pm last night (Sunday), to ask that this industrial action by the RBTU be stopped.” “These actions will impact hundreds of thousands of commuters and come at a time when people just want to go back to work, go back to school and go back to college – this is not what our community needs. right now.” Mr Claassens called the situation “the bogus spitting of the NSW Government”. “The workers were ready to take protected industrial action, but only the transport management would have noticed the impact, not the commuters,” he said. “The impact on services today is not because of the actions of workers, but because the NSW government is spitting out the dummy and trying to make a point. “We are ready to drive the trains whenever the government NSW will let us. “All the members were at work, ready to work. They were ready and waiting to outfit the trains only to be told that the trains are not running today. There are no obstacles, only stubbornness from on the part of the NSW Government. NSW TrainLink regional services , excluding intercity trains, and Sydney’s light rail network should operate with minimal disruption. The parties are due to appear before the Fair Work Commission again at 9am today (Monday) in an attempt to reduce the impact of protected industrial action. Sydney Trains and NSW TrainLink have held over 30 meetings with the RTBU over the past six months with the aim of reaching agreement on a wide range of claims and remain committed to reaching a fair outcome for the latest updates and whether they need to travel to use other modes and expect extra time.n Incorrect information from Transport NSW.Download the Illawarra Mercury news app from the Apple Store or Google Play.An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that Illawarra trains were still running after the Mercury received incorrect information from Transport NSW Download the Illawarra Mercury news app from the Apple Store or Google Play.




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