Taxi driver beaten after couple ‘vomited in taxi and refused to pay cleaning fees’


A taxi driver claims he was assaulted by a couple who threw up in their car and then refused to pay cleaning fees.

Koorosh Afshari claims he was removed from his vehicle and attacked after picking up a couple in Manchester city center and taking them to Partington in Trafford.

The 48-year-old was left in a state of distress, with his clothes torn and scuffs all over his arms and legs.

Describe the incident to Manchester Evening News, the taxi driver said the client was sick in the back passenger seat.

When confronting the couple about the mess, Koorosh said the male passenger “blamed him on the heating” in the taxi.

Koorosh said: “A couple called a cab and I picked them up from Peter Street in the city center.

“Halfway through, the woman started to get sick.

“After a few minutes the man started telling me it was because the taxi was too hot and said he was going to be sick too.”

Stopping the car on Wood Lane in Partington, Koorosh said he told the couple he would charge them a cleaning fee.

Irritated, he claimed that the passenger then left the vehicle before asking the woman to pay for the trip last Saturday.

Koorosh Afshari, 48, assaulted by passengers in his taxi

He says she declined and only offered to pay £ 10 for the entire trip – despite it costing £ 34 and then £ 20 in cleaning fees.

Koorosh was then dragged out of the car as he called the police to report passenger details.

The taxi driver said, “He was yelling at me and screaming and he just opened the door and took me out.

“I was in so much pain and I was crying. I was on the floor and I was trying to push him away.”

The argument caught the attention of a nearby resident, Michelle, who ushered taxi driver Koorosh into her home and called for help.

She said the ordeal was “horrific and overwhelming,” but emergency services said it would take “about four hours” to send an ambulance to help Koorosh.

She said: “It was absolutely horrible.

“He was attacked right in front of my house and he was pushed through my fence which is now damaged.

“I had heard all those screams and screams and wanted to see what it was. I saw him get attacked and I knew I had to help him.

Koorosh surrendered to A&E after the attack.
Koorosh surrendered to A&E after the attack.

“I took him to safety and immediately called the police who told me that no one was available to come out.

“Then I called an ambulance and told them he was in a lot of pain, but they said it would take four hours because they were very busy.

“I just couldn’t believe it. He was very shaken up, it was just awful and he felt like no one else could help him.”

Cabbie Koorosh called Michelle an “angel” for helping him.

Police are investigating the incident.
Police are investigating the incident.

Injured and suffering from a sore shoulder, he went to A&E where he was examined and sent home.

He added: “It was scary and I was in great pain.

“Nothing like this has ever happened before.”

Greater Manchester Police have confirmed they are still investigating the incident.

A spokesperson said: ‘Police were called at 8 p.m. on Sunday November 20 to report that an assault had taken place in Wood Lane, Partington.

Koorosh ended up with a torn vest, bruised hands and scratches all over his body.
Koorosh ended up with a torn vest, bruised hands and scratches all over his body.

“A 48-year-old man was assaulted following an altercation and sustained minor injuries.

“An investigation is underway into what happened, the victim has been informed of his progress and officers are following a number of investigative leads.

“Investigations are ongoing.”

The Northwest Ambulance Service confirmed receiving a call at 8:12 p.m. Saturday night requesting an ambulance.

A spokesperson said: “999 is a service for serious and life-threatening emergencies, and each call is classified based on the information provided by the caller.

“We are currently facing a large number of high priority incidents, which means that some patients, especially those with lower category conditions or injuries, have to wait longer for a response.

“So that patients can make an informed decision, we give an indication of how long they might have to wait where we can.

“We are sorry to learn of the incident in which Mr. Afshari was involved, and we hope that he will make a quick and full recovery.”

After being informed of the wait, Koorosh called back to cancel it before going to emergency care.


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