Taxi driver burns to death after his taxi explodes into a fireball



A taxi driver was burned alive after his taxi struck a freight truck and then exploded into flames in Bangkok’s Prawet district around 5 a.m. on Friday. The taxi driver was stuck inside.

The crash happened on On Nut Road, at the entrance to Soi On Nut 59, said Pol Lt Col Pornprasit Malamai, head of the investigation at Prawet Police Station.

The flames spread quickly in the yellow cab. The firefighters who rushed to the scene took more than 20 minutes to extinguish hell, which destroyed the taxi. A backhoe in the back of the truck was also damaged by the flames from the burning taxi.

According to Thai Media, rescuers took more than two hours to remove his charred body from the burnt wreckage.

Freight truck driver Pipat Uppasan, 29, told police his truck was taking the excavator to a garage from a construction site in the On Nut area. He was making an illegal U-turn and the taxi crashed into the back of his trailer.

A witness told police the taxi driver was stuck in his cab, waving his hands for help – then the car exploded and flames engulfed him.

Police said the driver of the truck could face a charge of reckless driving causing death.



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