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Taxi driver denies any intention of sexual misconduct


PHUKET: The Phuket taxi driver accused of inappropriately touching a 15-year-old Australian tourist has denied any intent to commit any indecent act, Phuket Provincial Police said in a statement.

The driver, whom police referred to only as “Mr. Wimol”, was summoned to Cherng Talay police station on Sunday evening (May 1), a statement released by the Phuket Provincial Police said yesterday.

The statement was released in response to comments posted online, calling on police to investigate the report of the alleged sexual assault to ensure Phuket police are fulfilling their duty to protect tourists and in a bid to protect the public. image of Phuket as a tourist destination.

The girl’s father filed a formal complaint with Cherng Talay police last Saturday, the same day the family returned home.

The taxi driver was accused of inappropriately touching the girl’s thigh while she was a passenger in the taxi. The incident happened in the parking lot of the Central Festival shopping center in Wichit on Friday, April 29, the complaint said.

The Phuket Provincial Police statement released yesterday explained that the father had indicated the family did not want to press charges as they returned home.

The statement also explained that the police were unable to file a complaint if the victim himself had not yet filed a complaint.

However, the statement notes that the Phuket Provincial Police Commander, Major General Sermphan Sirikong, took a direct interest in the matter and directed the Cherng Talay Police Chief to ensure that the complaint was made. the subject of an investigation.

Major General Sermphan also appeared directly at the Australian Consulate General in Phuket to explain that the girl could still lodge a complaint if she wished.

“If the whistleblower wishes to pursue legal action, we will proceed by receiving the complaint, investigating and pursuing legal action,” the statement said.

The police have issued a formal notice to the “competent bodies” to ensure that the actions of the drivers of a public transport vehicle are appropriate.

“Yes [the behaviour] is not appropriate, then officers should proceed in accordance with their powers and duties,” the statement concluded.