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Udaipur: Six people entered a house and killed a 27-year-old man with swords, knives and sticks. The incident happened in the Sajjanagar district of Udaipur. mohamed ghijali, who was with his in-laws, was assaulted by six people who came by bike. The attackers shouted Ghijali from his residence and when he came out they attacked him with swords, knives and sticks. Family members took Ghijali to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.
According to family members, two of the defendants have been identified as Saddam Kankroli and Irfaan Banna. Police said the assailants first attacked Ghijali outside the house and when he ran inside they followed him and continued attacking him mercilessly. They also beat his wife Shabnam who had come to his rescue. Her two-year-old son was also left out. The deceased’s sister-in-law and mother-in-law were present in the house at the time of the incident. They also tried to intervene, but the disbelievers fled before anyone could understand. Ambamata SHO Sunil Taylor said the deceased was a taxi driver. A few days ago, he challenged Saddam by uploading a video to social media, which was later deleted. Saddam has a criminal past and many cases are already registered against him. Saddam was looking for an opportunity to kill Ghijali after warning him by phone. The police kept the body in the morgue at MB Hospital. Relatives also refused to perform the autopsy and said they would not lift the body until the defendants were arrested.

According to SHO, the deceased, who is a resident of Chittoro ka Timba in the Ghanta Ghar area, had a fight with Saddam a few days ago after which he challenged Saddam on social media and the post was later deleted. Ghijali had come to his in-laws’ residence to escape another argument. Saddam, furious at the post, had decided to take revenge. He reached the residence of Ghijali’s in-laws in Sajjan Nagar and attacked him with swords and knives.
The body was handed over to relatives after an autopsy on Monday evening. Allegations of abduction of Ghijali’s wife and son were found to be groundless.


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