Taxi driver held at gunpoint at his car and phone


Staff reporter

A TAXI driver was robbed at gunpoint of his car and mobile phone at Hakahana in the capital at around 9:00 p.m. Friday and thrown out of town.

The taxi driver had his silver Nissan Note N 31338 W (worth N$37,000) and his iPhone 6 (N$3,600) stolen.

Police say the 33-year-old victim told them he picked up a man on Friday night who said he would pay for the taxi ride when they got to his house.

When they passed the football field in Havana, the “customer”
phoned a woman and told her he was coming soon as he was in a taxi.

When they arrived in Kayec, two men and a woman were standing at the T-junction. The woman approached the taxi driver and when he opened the window to speak to her, the ‘customer’ cocked a gun fire and ordered the taxi driver not to move.

The other two men then got into the taxi, pulled the taxi driver into the back seat and let him lie on his stomach while they searched him.

The men then sat on the victim and we drove to a few meters from the weighbridge north of Windhoek.

There they threw him out of the taxi and drove off towards town, leaving the taxi driver stranded.

He walked to Monte Christo Road and Western Bypass, where he took a taxi to Wanaheda Police Station and reported the matter.

No arrests or recoveries have been made so far.


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