Taxi driver in trouble after doing this to 5 kids



A mini bus taxi driver abandoned his vehicle and fled on foot after hitting five (5) children between Isihlangu and Pricklepear Road in Waterloo, KwaZulu-Natal. It’s a tragedy that could otherwise have been avoided if the driver had remained focused on his job. The driver was revealed to have fled the scene and we can all understand why he would.

Either to run away from members of the community who were sure to express their concerns violently, or he escaped to avoid going to jail and this happens if the suspect was found to be under the influence of something – in both cases, the suspect must be punished with several years in prison to make an example.

RUSA arrived at the scene around 5:57 p.m. where they assessed the situation and endeavored to revive and treat the injuries of the children who entered the accident, a white Toyota Siyaya ran over five minors who were playing on the road before to crash into a fence.

The driver abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot, he didn’t look back on the mess he had made but we know the Law will look back and he will likely be arrested for a very long time. The injured children were transported privately to a medical facility, the medical staff did everything in their power to help the children affected by the accident.

According to a resident, one of the miners was seriously injured but this could not be immediately confirmed. The story is still fresh and we will talk about the results of the accident because things are not very apparent, the cause of the accident is also not very clear at the moment but speeding cannot be excluded.


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