Taxi driver killed in accident



The Chronicle

Lingani Nyika, columnist
A TAXI driver died instantly on his 30th birthday on Friday while his two cousins ​​were injured when a vehicle they were riding in veered off the road before overturning.

Emmanuel Thunywa, a popular taxi driver in Victoria Falls, was driving a Toyota Sienta along a gravel road in Chidobe when he lost control of the vehicle.

The accident happened around 6 p.m. near the Chidobe business center.

Thunywa, who was in the company of his cousins ​​Mr. Alison Prince Mlilo (27) and Mrs Ivonn Dube (34), came from their grandmother’s property in Chidobe, on the outskirts of Victoria Falls.

On Saturday, a convoy of Victoria Falls taxi drivers literally blocked the Hwange-Victoria Falls freeway as they drove home to the airfield to offer their condolences.

In an interview, Mr Mlilo said his cousin lost control of the vehicle some distance from their grandmother’s house.

“The car skidded on the gravel road and Emmanuel panicked. He tried to control it but he flipped over and rolled over once before landing on his roof. We had just talked about the condition of the road, a few moments later the accident happened. I only remember seeing the vehicle turn and overturn and when I regained consciousness my upper body was hanging out of the window while my sister (Ivonn) was thrown and lying on the road ”, did he declare.

He said he suffered injuries to his back and rib cage while Ms Dube sustained injuries to both arms.

Mr Mlilo said that a bloodied Thunywa was stuck in the driver’s seat.

Some motorists stopped to help and pulled the deceased out of the car.

Mr Mlilo and Ms Dube were rushed to Victoria Falls Hospital where they were treated and released while Thunywa’s body was taken to the hospital morgue.

Mourners are gathered at 175 Courtney Selous low density.

Matabeleland North Police spokesman Inspector Glory Banda said he had not yet obtained details of the crash. – @NyikaLingani



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