“Taxi Driver” Season 2: Lee Je-hoon and main cast confirmed


One of K-drama’s hit crime thrillers returns for a new season. Actor Lee Je-hoon played the lead role in the 2021 drama Taxi driver. No, it has nothing to do with Robert De Niro’s film. The drama focused on a secretive group that helps those the law failed to seek revenge while drawing inspiration from real-life cases. Taxi driver Season 2 is officially confirmed with its star cast.

Main cast for ‘Taxi Driver’ Season 2 K-drama | through SBS

‘Taxi Driver’ has garnered attention for its emotional stories of retaliation and crime

Kim Do-gi is a former captain of the 707th Special Mission Group whose life changed forever when he returned home to find his mother murdered. He witnesses firsthand the injustice of the justice system when the real culprit is released. One day, he is approached to work for the Rainbow Taxi company as a driver by Jang Sung-chul (Kim Eui-sung). A seemingly ordinary taxi service is anything but.

With the help of Sung-chul and other employees, Do-gi offers a “revenge call” service. The group selects its clients who have been wronged by the legal system or who have not obtained justice. If the client chooses to accept, the team works behind the scenes.

But the department and Do-gi are in danger when Detective Kang Ha-na (Esom) begins to suspect who they are. Taxi driver gained worldwide fame as it uses real Korean crime cases as the inspiration behind some of the dark crime stories. Now fans will see the crew return to Taxi driver Season 2.

Lee Je-hoon And Original Main Cast Return, Minus Esom, For “Taxi Driver” Season 2

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News from Taxi driver getting a second season has been around for a while. It was reported that actor Esom would no longer star in the main cast for the second season due to scheduling conflicts. Soompi officially announced on July 9 thatTaxi Driveer Season 2 is in the works and will debut in the first half of 2023.

Fans are ecstatic as the original cast, including Lee Je-hoon, will reprise their roles for the new season. Actor Kim will also return as Rainbow Taxi’s team leader alongside Pyo Ye-jin as the group’s tech specialist and hacker. Check back to add that the comedy duo consists of actors Jang Hyukjin and Bae Yoo-ram. It’s unclear how the K-drama will explain Esom’s absence or if there will be a new character to fill the role.

Currently, SBS has not revealed the storyline for the new season. But fans can hope it follows the same revenge story riddled with crime, emotion, and suspense.

The production team is equally excited and commented, “We are fully ready to present a more fun and in-depth Season 2 so that we can thank you for your love for Season 1. We will return with an exciting drama where you will be able to verify the true value of a caper story.

The Cast Will Have Their First ‘Taxi Driver’ Season 2 Script Read This Month

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According to Naver’s reports, the main cast of Taxi driver Season 2 will have its first official script reading on June 12. The script read will likely tease the storyline for the season and more of what fans can expect. K-drama fans are excited to see Lee return to the role.

A fan on Twitter commented, “MY TAXI DRIVER DAD FINALLY DESERVED SEASON 2.” But some fans are upset that Esom can’t join the cast, with one fan on Twitter commenting, “esom won’t be part of Taxi Driver season 2. their teamwork is most anticipated but it’s not happening…sad.”

Taxi driver Season 2 is another addition to the long list of popular K-dramas making a comeback with a second season. Fans are also eagerly awaiting news on The strange meter as Awe are all dead Season 2 has been confirmed, alongside Sweet home, Gumiho 1938, Squid play, DPand more.

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