Taxi Life will let you run your own taxi company – GameSpew


Remember crazy cab? Taxi lifethe latest collaboration between Simteract and Nacon has nothing to do with that.

Of course, you’ll be picking up passengers while driving in a realistic Barcelona and the speed will likely be high, but you’ll have to obey the rules of the road. So all those “shortcuts” you used in crazy cab and Auto grand theft 5 are not going.

It is the second game in the Life series, developed by Simteract and published by Nacon, the previous one being Train Life: a railway simulator, another Simteract title currently in early access. You’ll be running your own public transport company and driving passengers around, so it’s not just your own meter you’ll have to keep an eye on.

According to Nacon, it will use Simteract’s proprietary ‘Traffic AI’, which certainly intrigues us. It’s not that other games haven’t handled traffic well, but as a taxi driver, we’d expect to face unexpected obstacles. So we hope that even if the AI ​​will be smart enough to handle the traffic, it will lead to the strange incident of road rage.

The game doesn’t have a release yet, although the good news is that Simteract isn’t starting from scratch. Although it has not been absolutely confirmed, it is almost certain that Taxi life is actually that of Simteract Urban adventurejust renamed to fit the Life series.

Given what we’ve already seen of this game, thanks to Simteract YouTube Channel, we can’t wait to get our hands on it. And we’re definitely not going to turn around and drive the wrong way down the street just for a laugh. Honest.

Taxi life will come to PC and consoles; Nacon promised to release more information a little further down the line.


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