Taxi operators receive checks | Barbados lawyer


WITH the possibility of an imminent increase in visitor arrivals on the horizon, taxi operators are urged to remain vigilant regarding the safety of their health.

This, from the President of the Alliance of Public Transport Owners (AOPT), Roy Raphael. He was speaking recently at a taxi terminal in Bridgetown as his organization handed checks to several of its members.

With checks for $ 1,000 from the Ministry of Commerce to help its members get through the difficult times presented since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Raphael took the opportunity to remind all public transport operators to follow protocols and protect their health.

“We want to call on operators to be careful in what they do. COVID-19 is with us and we would have had one or two of our operators who fell with COVID. Fortunately, it was not critical, but now that the tourist season opens, hopefully very soon, we want our operators to be alert and very careful. We are playing our part and we expect our operators to be careful. Most of them are over 50 years old and at this time we encourage our members to be safe and, if possible, to consult their doctor for guidance regarding vaccination, ”he said. he said, adding that members of his association were employing the use of a plexiglass barrier between themselves and the passengers in order to stay safe.

Explaining that they had submitted more than 50 names to the department as they sought to cover their entire membership with a taxi operator, Raphael noted that some of them were said to have been dual members of the association and would have already received checks. However, he urged those who may have been missed to contact their public service vehicle hotline at 538-3888.

Revealing that they would be reaching out to hotels and attractions to get additional assistance for their members, Mark Haynes, AOPT’s marketing and communications manager, said they had also sought support for their membership. to taxis.

“We started to negotiate on behalf of the ZRs, but unfortunately the ministry did not accede to our request. What we are doing however is that we are now looking for a private entity to see if they would be willing to give us an additional $ 10,000 to help and assist our members. It’s unfortunate because some of our taxi drivers have turned to the road to act like pirates on the road. We are committed to helping them, so we will move forward to see if we can get an entity to continue supporting our operators. ” (deputy)


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