Taxi prices rise amid protest by South African drivers


Email platforms in South Africa, including Uber, UberEats and Bolt, could experience major service disruptions from Tuesday.

Several roads across Gauteng province are set to be closed as drivers call for an end to the unregulated industry.

They say they are struggling to survive with poor safety measures, rising gas prices, unchecked drivers and heightened tensions between competitors.

Applications are active but there are significant surge charges and wait times for drivers.

Transport Executive Council (MEC) member Jacob Mamabolo called an emergency meeting on Monday with the Private Public Transport Association (PPTA), which represents the interests of online drivers nationwide, as he begged the drivers not to strike.

Mr Mamabolo reportedly warned that the closure could lead to violence and instability in the transport sector.

But the PPTA has insisted its three-day shutdown will be peaceful and operators who choose not to participate will not be punished.

The last day of the strike will be Thursday, when all email apps will be shut down in an attempt to stop businesses generating revenue.


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