“That’s just the way Mancunians are – give back”: judge trusts humanity restored by kind-hearted taxi driver


A crown court judge said she had regained her faith in humanity thanks to a kind-hearted taxi driver who went out of his way to help her.

Judge Suzanne Goddard QC accidentally left her purse in the taxi when she exited near Piccadilly station, before boarding a train to London for a court event.

After arriving in the capital, she realized that she had lost her purse, which contained a few hundred pounds.

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But the judge, who is based at Manchester Crown Court and jailed the UK’s most prolific rapist Reynhard Sinaga last year, was found after the driver selflessly tracked her down and dropped her off At her place.

He refused to accept money as a token of his gratitude, and instead, the judge said she had donated to cancer research.

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“I thought I would be very lucky to see it again, not to mention the content still inside,” Judge Goddard told MEN

“Rather, it gave me back confidence in humanity when my husband informed me the next day that the taxi driver had come out and put a note to my home address saying he had the purse. and arrange to return it. “

The taxi driver, who asked not to be named, was able to contact the judge after finding a receipt in her handbag containing her phone number.

He played down his selfless act and said, “This is how Mancunians are, giving back.

“I always think if this happens to me karma comes back. You want to give back to the world.

“I know it sounds a bit runny, but black cab drivers get a bad rap as it is.

“But we are at the top of the chain when it comes to honor and respect, we are not all scam dealers!”

He said he had no intention of accepting any reward, but his good deed made him feel “amazing” inside.

“They tried to give me a reward, a lot of money, I just said ‘I don’t want a reward.

“I said don’t worry, keep using black cabs.

“I’m a local boy, I’ll do anything for the business. I’m just a working class boy, just do the right thing.

“To be honest after that I felt really good, I felt amazing.”


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