The bus driver’s candy craving that led to a costly mistake


When Connecticut bus driver Jinhuan Chen boarded his bus on March 13, he was not intoxicated or intoxicated in any way. Yet hours later, with only a bag of fruit-flavored gummies, Chen’s bus was found stopped on the side of the road, with Chen himself collapsed behind the wheel.

The reason behind Chen’s sudden collapse, reports PA News, was that Chen had ingested a packet of fruit snacks infused with THC, the same chemical found in marijuana. Chen insists he had no idea he ate cannabis gummies, believing he was only eating harmless candies. Surprisingly, the director of the bus company, Victor Chen, seemed to support Chen’s claims. It was noted that Chen had an “exemplary” driving record in the ten years he worked for the company and had never smoked or drunk. His only vice, however, was a “sweet tooth”.

CT Post reports that, despite Chen’s plea that he unknowingly ate the cannabis-infused snacks, he is to be held on $25,000 bail and the case is set to continue on August 25.

While Chen’s brush with cannabis gummies may have been an unfortunate mistake, it goes without saying that CBD edibles should be used responsibly – provided they’re legal in your state, of course. .


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