The Daily Herald – Taxi driver Donna Cain retires after 16 years


Donna Cain

SABA – Well-known taxi driver Donna Cain of Taxi #25 has retired after sixteen years of providing invaluable services to Saba as an island and tourist destination.

The Saba Tourism Board recognized Cain last week for his efforts. At the Tourism Bureau, Cain received a token of appreciation for his dedication from Tourism Director Malinda Hassell. “We thank Donna for being a great ambassador for Saba, her passion, great character and great customer service for everyone she carried,” Hassell said.

Cain thanked the Tourism Bureau for the recognition and gifts. She said taxi drivers, as the backbone of tourism, were under-recognized. She noted that taxi drivers play a pivotal role in deciding visitors whether or not to return. “Invest in the remaining drivers, those who know the ropes, so they can teach the new ones.”

Cain thanked the Tourist Board for turning over a new leaf and the taxi drivers before her who had taught her what it takes to be a professional driver, what to do and what not to what not to do, and how to get through difficult times.

“Orville Dowling, my first taxi driver on Saba. Bobby Every, who not only cracked the worst jokes, but brought me groceries every visit. Wayne Peterson, who insisted that I apply for a taxi license because he knew I would live with it. Sylvester Hughes, who waited for me to get my license and gave me his best client. My colleagues over those 16 years and my daughter Elynne Lockhart, who not only learned from me, but excelled as a taxi driver,” Cain said.


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