The daughter of the ambassador of Afghanistan was not kidnapped at all (Pakistani minister)


Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed said on Sunday that the daughter of Afghanistan’s ambassador to Pakistan “had not been kidnapped at all” and investigators have images to prove it.

The minister told Geo News that Afghan Ambassador Najib Alikhil’s daughter Silsila Alikhil left her home on foot and took a taxi after arriving at Khadda market in Islamabad. She then took a taxi to Rawalpindi, he said,

“We have footage from his trip,” Rasheed said. “She first said that they had confiscated her phone. Later, when she gave her phone to investigators, her Whatapps and cloud data had been deleted. “

The minister said the authorities wanted to fully support her and filed an FIR at her request. He added that the woman had booked regular taxis for travel and not the online taxi service.

“They will flee the investigation,” said the minister. “They didn’t know we had footage of Rawalpindi. “

The minister called this an “international plot” and “RAW’s program to defame Pakistan to the world.”


The ambassador’s daughter was removed for several hours and tortured by unidentified men in Islamabad on Thursday.

She was transferred to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences after the assault. Hospital spokesperson Dr Waseem Khawaja confirmed to SAMAA Digital that the ambassador’s daughter was brought to the hospital and that she had “rope marks” on her wrists and ankles.

The medical report, available from SAMAA Digital, indicates that the 26-year-old was kidnapped around 1:45 p.m. and released at 7 p.m. There were string marks on his wrist and ankles and swelling.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan condemned this heinous act and expressed “deep concern for the safety and security of diplomats, their families and staff of Afghan political and consular missions in Pakistan” .

He even called on the Pakistani government to take immediate action to ensure the full security of the Afghan embassy and consulates as well as the immunity of the country’s diplomats and their families in accordance with international treaties and conventions. He called on Pakistan to identify and prosecute the perpetrators.

Pakistan confirmed the torture. He said the ambassador’s daughter was assaulted while driving a rented vehicle.

“Immediately after this disturbing incident was reported, the Islamabad police launched a full investigation,” the Foreign Ministry said. “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the relevant security authorities are in close contact with the Ambassador and his family and are giving their full support in this matter. “

The security of the ambassador and his family has been reinforced, while the police try to find and apprehend the culprits.

“The safety and security of diplomatic missions, as well as of diplomats and their families, is of the utmost importance. Such incidents can and will not be tolerated, ”the FO statement added.

Afghanistan recalls Pakistani diplomats

Afghanistan said on Sunday it was recall his ambassador in Islamabad and other senior diplomats for “threats to security” after the daughter of the senior envoy was briefly kidnapped in Islamabad this week.

“After the kidnapping of the daughter of the Afghan ambassador to Pakistan, the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan recalled the Afghan envoy and other senior diplomats from Islamabad to Kabul until all threats security be lifted, “the foreign ministry said in a statement on Sunday, demanding the arrest and prosecution of the kidnappers.

An Afghan delegation will visit Pakistan to assess the situation, after which “further steps will be taken,” the Afghan foreign ministry added.


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