The “guardian angel” Scousers accompany the women downtown after the Rolling Stones concert


Two women visiting Liverpool for the Rolling Stones concert at Anfield have been driven back to the city center by two kind-hearted Scousers.

The two women – Mary Pilch and Janice Riley – traveled from the northeast of England to attend the Stones’ first performance in Liverpool in over 50 years. Mary, 69, told ECHO the couple had come down and booked an Airbnb in Orrell Park for the night.

On the day of the gig, the couple took a taxi to Anfield and arranged to be picked up after the gig at 11.30pm. But the two women had to wait until midnight before the taxi company told them their taxi wouldn’t be able to pick them up for another hour and a half.

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Mary, from Chester-le-Street, said two men who also attended the show told them they were more likely to get a taxi from Liverpool city centre. But when the two women started walking, the pair of kind-hearted strangers said they would make the four-mile journey with them.

Mary called the two men, locally named Carl and Michael, her and Janice’s “guardian angels”. Mary told ECHO: “These two men were just there eating pizza, so we asked them if we would be more likely to take a taxi downtown.

“We left and like two feisty ladies said it would be fine. They said no, we will walk with you. Bless them, they have walked with us this far.

“We then told them they should get in our taxi so we could drop them home, but they said no and left. They were so nice and went above and beyond for two complete strangers. It was just a very, very nice thing to do.”

Mary said the gig was her second time in Liverpool after visiting last year. She said the people of Liverpool are “just really hospitable and friendly people” who made her feel very welcome.

She said the Rolling Stones concert was “fantastic – absolutely brilliant” and had a “beautiful atmosphere”.

Mary said she would like another chance to say thank you to Carl and Michael. She said the pair told them ‘Liverpool lads always make sure their mums and nans are okay’.

Mary added: “It really reinforced my belief that the people of Liverpool are lovely. With all the horrible things going on in the world, it’s so nice when something like this happens – it certainly restores your faith in human nature.”


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