The heavy eVTOL industry in SPAC is starting to take off for real


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BMO Capital Markets has shone a spotlight on the burgeoning eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) industry and called it one of the latest innovations in the aerospace industry, with manufacturers having raised nearly $6 billion in capital through special purpose acquisition vehicles.

Analysts Fadi Chamoun and John Stephenson noted progress for eVTOL players as the industry managed to bring in a large amount of investment dollars despite market turmoil and saw orders coming in for thousands of dollars. planes. These factors are said to contribute to public interest in the sector as it seeks to bridge the gap between concept and commercial reality.

“We believe eVTOLs could be used to replace the world’s aging helicopter fleet. They are significantly cheaper to operate and generate about 1% of helicopter noise and have a similar range.”

The eVTOL industry milestones rated by BMO Capital are listed below.

Archer Aviation (NYSE:ACHR): “Possible US certification in 2024. The It’s Maker prototype performed a hover test in December 2021.”

Beta Technologies: “UPS has ordered a cargo version which it intends to use to shuttle between hubs.”

Eve Urban Air Mobility (NASDAQ: ZNTE): “Has eVTOL orders for 1,735 aircraft valued at $5.2 billion. Company spun off from Emraer. Awaits FAA certification in 2025.”

Joby Aviation (NYSE:JOBY)“The company plans to be a Part 135 aircraft operator in 2022. It plans to begin commercial service in 2024.”

Lilium S.A. (NASDAQ: LILM): “Aiming 2024 to start air service. Has an agreement to build a flying taxi service for the Brazilian airline Azul.

Vertical aeronautics (NYSE:EVTL): “Has obtained more than 1,300 orders. The company’s VA-X4 is not yet in flight but is expected to perform a test flight in 2022.”

Volocopter: “Has performed public demonstrations in Singapore, Dubai and Los Vegas with a commercial launch within two years.

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