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The “taxipreneurs” report new vehicles and 10,000 R


Ten lucky “taxipreneurs” received cash checks of R10,000 while two of those 10 clients each won a taxi, thanks to SA Taxi’s Win A Taxi contest which took place on 23 September.

Patience Bunu and Sabelo Magasela from SA Taxi accept a check for R10,000 in the name of Cyril Mazeka who is not present for the Win A Taxi competition. Photo: Ofentse Ditlopo

SA Taxi communications director Maroba Maduma said he knew the industry was struggling like any other business.

Jarrod Rohland from SA Taxi helps Nhlonipoho Khumalo try to open the taxi key safe. Photo: Photo: Ofentse Ditlopo

“With the deadlocks that were happening last year, knowing that most of our customers were trying to make payments and update their installments, some of them fell behind and others were able to reimburse them. “, did he declare.

Jarrod Rohland tries to help Anna Choma open the safe containing the keys to the two taxis. Photo: Ofentse Ditlopo

Maduma added that to help the industry, they selected 10 customers who put in an effort and put them in a raffle to win R10,000. Two of the 10 participants won a taxi to develop their business.

Mariah, Abel and Thandiwe Msiza are delighted to receive a check for R10,000 and a new taxi. Photo: Ofentse Ditlopo

Excited to win a check in the amount of R10,000 and add one more taxi to his fleet of 18 taxis, Abel Msiza, who has worked in the taxi business for over 42 years, said he was short of words.

Makhotso Rafoneke and Rirhandu Mabaso are at SA Taxi headquarters to see who will become the two lucky winners of the taxis. Photo: Ofentse Ditlopo

Msiza said he had been driving taxis for 42 years without any problems. He added that he started out driving someone else’s cab for nine years until he bought one himself.

Participant Mashudu Masithulela leaves with a check for R10,000 after failing to open the key safe to a brand new taxi. Photo: Ofentse Ditlopo

“This will bring a big change to our family business. SA Taxi has helped me enormously. I was able to buy land and shops using the profits from my taxi business. That’s why I always made sure to pay my taxi down payments on time, ”Msiza said.

Patience Bunu and Kayla Masanunge accept a check for R10,000 in the name of Jonas Msiza, also the winner of a taxi since he is not present. Photo: Ofentse Ditlopo

Anna Choma, recipient of a R10,000 check, said she felt good even though she hadn’t won a taxi. “It’s better than leaving [with] nothing. SA Taxi has proven that they will always take care of us.

Anna Choma does not have the chance to return home with a new taxi, but the chance to receive a check for 10,000 rand. Photo: Ofentse Ditlopo

Details: SA Taxi 011 550 9300.

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