TikToker warns Toronto of a taxi scam it fell for and shares a video of the driver


Have you ever paid for a stranger’s taxi?

Toronto model and actress Saja Kilani is warning Toronto and GTA residents about a taxi scam that nearly cost her her debit card.

On October 16 at around 4:30 p.m., Kilani says she was walking along Bay Street and Yorkville Avenue when a teenager stopped her and asked if she could cover her taxi fare since they only took cards and only had cash.

In a TikTok detailing her experience, Kilani says the boy offered to pay her back and showed her he had cash on him.

How did it happen

“I was thinking, you know what, if I was in this situation, I would like someone to help me,” Kilani says.

Kilani says she asked the driver if he had just driven the boy to which he said yes but only took the card. So she agreed to pay for him.

The driver asked her if she had a debit card before setting up the transaction on her machine, according to her TikTok.

But as soon as the transaction was initiated, things started to go wrong.

“The kid was really trying to get my attention. He kept saying something like, ‘If you want to tip him, I can give you some extra money,’ but he was fidgeting a bit,” he said. she.

Despite the distraction, Kilani says she managed to catch the driver putting down his card while he fixed the machine out of the corner of her eye.

Kilani says he put his card in the machine and gave it back to her.

After paying, she claims to have returned the machine to the driver with her card, but when the driver returned it, she noticed that the card did not have her name on it.

When she understood

“He gave me my card, but I noticed it didn’t have my name on it. There was someone else.”

Red flags tipped off Kilani, and she says she “immediately” knew it was a scam.

Kilani says she opened the taxi door and told the driver she could see her real card between her legs.

“It’s not my card. You have my card between your legs, I can see it. Give it to me.”

She says the driver laughed and said, “Oh, did you see that?” as the boy got into the car.

“I was about to get mad, and he realized, so he was like, ‘Ok, ok, that’s kind of a prank,’ and he gave me my card back. .”

After lecturing the driver about the flight, Kilani says she took out her phone to film it.

“As soon as I started pulling out my phone, he put his mask on and his son or whoever put his mask on as well.”

In his TikTok, which got over 990,000 views, Kilani attached a video of the driver and his license plate.

Kilani told Narcity that luckily her card was not charged and she has since replaced it.

The 24-year-old says she filed a police report but created the TikTok in hopes others would avoid the car.

The Toronto Police Service (TPS) told Narcity the scam has been reported and urged anyone who thinks they may have been the victim of a taxi scam to come forward.

When it comes to avoiding these scams and others like them, TPS said the public should remain vigilant.

Sad TPS residents should not leave their debit or credit card unattended at a kiosk at any time and not pay for strangers using their personal card in exchange for cash.

The police also advise the public to find out which taxi company they use and to check that their card is theirs after each transaction.

*Narcity scrambled the driver’s license plate as police have yet to confirm whether they have launched an investigation.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.


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