Tisha Campbell warns others after she was nearly kidnapped by alleged sex traffickers


Tisha Campbell wants people to move carefully because of sex trafficking. On Friday, the actress posted on her Instagram account about her recent experience with possible trafficking predators.

“I need EVERYONE to be too aware of themselves and their loved ones,” she warned. “As Toni Rivera says, IT’S SHOPPING SEASON when traffickers try to rip people off!!!”

In the video, Campbell explained that she tried to get taxi service because there was no Uber in the area where she was filming.

When she called the number she had been recommended, a ‘sketchy looking’ van arrived to pick her up, but she got a strange feeling when a man sitting in the back got out and walked over. is held next to the car.

The man, whom she thought was being dropped off, told her to come in, but she refused. That’s when she started noticing van’s condition.

“I look at [it], it’s screwed,” she said. “Rubber is pulled up from the bottom, dirt everywhere, back looks like it’s been ripped and ripped off for some f****** reason.” Moments later, Campbell received similar orders from the driver, but she remained adamant about her decision. “I don’t get in the fucking car. Fuck you,” she recalled saying.

After the strange encounter, the ‘My Wife and Kids’ star returned to reception to find the man who had given her the taxi number was no longer there.

When she asked about the information she had received, she was told that “this is not the normal number”.

Campbell says she “nearly got caught”, but refers to her survival until her humble beginnings in Newark, New Jersey.

“If I wasn’t from Newark boyyyyy… If Tony Rivera hadn’t educated me and my friends on what to look for, SHIT would have been really different. PLUS I don’t look like I look,” she wrote in the caption. She also thanked the production for “their concern and understanding.”


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