UBER takes longer rides and charges you extra? Here’s how to get a REFUND


Uber taxi service has helped people a lot in getting around the city and even in interstate travel. Until recently, Uber passengers were annoyed because drivers canceled the ride as soon as they knew the passenger’s drop-off location. However, Uber took this into account and solved the problem by allowing the passenger drop-off location even before accepting the ride. However, one complaint still remains unresolved ‘How do you get a refund from Uber if your fare goes up at the end of the ride?’ This has been the concern of runners for some time now.

The GPS sometimes tends to show a longer route which makes the journey tiring and boring as the fare increases by a huge difference at the end of the journey. Therefore, here are some steps you can take to get a refund if an Uber driver takes longer rides and charges you extra.

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Here’s a step-by-step guide on how riders can get a refund from Uber if it charges them extra for longer rides:

1) Open the Uber app and click on “account”,

2) Then click on ‘trips’, here you will get the list of all the trips you have made so far,

3) Click on the trip that charged you extra because your driver took a longer trip,

4) Scroll down to find “Get Travel Help”,

5) Here you will find the options of “Uber Assistance”. Once here, click on “My rate was too high”,

6) Scroll down and choose “My driver took a longer route than necessary”

7) Add the travel date and click “Submit”.

By following all of these steps, Uber will refund the additional amount and you can enjoy the ride at the original fare that was displayed before you confirmed your trip.


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