Venezuela shot dead in Peru taxi


Photo: Monica Rosabram / Trom

Yolfran Eduardo Perozo, 25, from Venezuela Murder Seven scenes where he travels by taxi to work in the estate of Villa El Salvador in Lima, Peru.

Ferozo was with his colleague Víctor Gamboa, and the driver of the vehicle, Rosario Paquiyauri, was waiting for the traffic lights to change between Avenida El Sol and Micaela Bastidas when a motorcycle approached them from the left.

A man on a motorcycle opened fire on Venezuela, injuring his head and chest.

Kamboa, who was uninjured, helped the young man and asked for help transferring him to a nearby hospital, where Perozo died shortly after.

The taxi driver sustained a hand injury and sought medical attention.

Peruvian National Police arrived at the scene to conduct a perimeter assessment to verify if there were cameras nearby that would allow Venezuela to identify those responsible for the killings.

Authorities are investigating the motive of the crime, as Venezuela’s family and relatives have vowed to be a calm young man, dedicated only to work.

“He was a worker who came from Venezuela three years ago. Two years ago he was working in a metallurgy workshop. He was not confused with anyone. I was miraculously injured, ”said Victor Kambova, according to a local portal. Trom.

The theft hypothesis was rejected by the police because all his belongings were found at the scene.

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