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Vertical Aerospace, a British silent air taxi company, wins £ 585million order in Japan


UK firm’s silent air taxis prove to be big in Japan: Vertical Aerospace ready to take off after winning £ 585million order

Vertical Aerospace has won a £ 585million order for its electric air taxis, which is a big plus for its prospects.

Japanese conglomerate Marubeni has ordered 200, which it is expected to receive in 2025. The deal means Vertical Aerospace now has orders for 1,350 planes, worth £ 4 billion.

Other companies that order taxis include American Airlines and Virgin Atlantic, the latter of which wants to use them to transport passengers to Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester airports.

Future flight: Japanese conglomerate Marubeni has ordered 200 of Vertical Aerospace’s revolutionary taxis, which it will receive in 2025

The latest order comes as the company prepares to float in New York City by transforming into a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (Spac) in a £ 1.6bn deal later this year .

Vertical Aerospace designs and builds electric airplanes that it claims will be faster, faster and more environmentally friendly than helicopters, but with the same versatility.

Founded five years ago by serial entrepreneur Stephen Fitzpatrick, it has developed a 200 mph craft capable of taking four passengers and a pilot up to 120 miles.

They are also silent, potentially making it easier for them to gain clearance to fly over houses.

Fitzpatrick, Managing Director of the company, said: “Marubeni is one of the most respected companies in Japan and its option for up to 200 aircraft gives us a potential direct route to market.

“This is the most exciting time in aviation for almost a century. Electrification will transform flight in the 21st century the same way the jet engine did 70 years ago.

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