Video captures the moment two people crash an electric scooter after sneaking past traffic in Liverpool


Watch the moment two women run over an electric scooter in Liverpool.

Video captured the moment two women swerved in traffic Liverpool city center on a electric scooter before crashing. Filmed by a taxi driver, the footage shows two women on the same Voi electric scooter on Hanover Street – one driving and another in the back.The women can be seen swerving past the cab on the road before exiting the camera as they take a sharp right turn down Bold Street.The scooter can then be seen lying on the road and one of the women trips over it.

The two women can be seen in the video deflecting traffic before crashing the electric scooter. Credit: Echo of Liverpool

Rental electric scooters are classified as motor vehicles and users must be over 18 and have at least a provisional driver’s license.

Drivers must also follow traffic rules, just as they would if they were driving a car or a motorcycle.Riding on sidewalks is illegal, and users who break the law can receive penalties and have their driver’s license added points.More than one person is prohibited from riding an electric scooter as this may affect the balance and functionality of the brakes. In Liverpool, Voi now operates a three-move system for those who break the rules:

  • After a strike, users will now receive a seven-day ban and will have to complete the online riding school, RideLikeVoila

  • After two warnings, users will receive a 30-day ban

  • After three warnings, users will receive a permanent ban

Electric scooters available for hire in Liverpool city center. Credit: Pennsylvania

Voi says its “number one priority” is always the safety of its drivers, pedestrians and other road users.

To ensure that drivers are aware of their responsibilities, Voi educates its users in person and online, and safety information is placed on the scooter and regularly shared via in-app messages.Voi encourages everyone to report any instances of abuse or antisocial behavior through


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