We were forced to spend hundreds of dollars on a taxi after our WizzAir flight landed at the wrong airport


PASSENGERS have been furious after being forced to spend hundreds of euros on a taxi when their WizzAir flight landed at the wrong airport.

The flight from Corfu on July 3 was due to return to Cardiff Airport but due to an incident involving a light aircraft on the runway in Wales the aircraft had to be rerouted to Bristol.


Passengers went on a horror trip after their WizzAir flight landed at the wrong airportCredit: Zuma Press

After finding themselves 60 miles from their intended destination, some holidaymakers had to shell out £166 to get home by taxi.

And to make matters worse, passengers claimed to have been denied compensation despite the hijacking, reports the Star of the day.

Cardiff airfield was closed for an hour, so the flight remained in Bristol, awaiting the signal to proceed to its correct destination.

But passengers were shocked hours later after being told they would not be returning to Wales.

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They were forced to disembark at Bristol and then make their own way back to Cardiff, where many had left their cars.

The couple hoped to get money back from the airline, but say their request was denied.

After waiting in vain for alternative transport to be arranged, many families were then forced to pay hundreds of pounds in taxis to get them back to Wales.

And to make matters worse, a couple claimed their compensation claim was rejected by Wizz Air.

Ian Walters and his wife Kate say they were told by the airline that the closure of Cardiff airfield was due to “extraordinary circumstances” and therefore no money was due.

The couple had traveled on the flight with their young children and described the whole ordeal as “shambolic”.

Ian said: “Obviously there is nothing the airline can do about the circumstances in Cardiff.

“But after that it was just a shambles. They weren’t allowed to serve us food when we landed in Bristol so we had a starving three-year-old and a six-year-old who climbed on top of us screaming. It was a nightmare.

“We were on the plane, on the tarmac, for about two and a half hours.

“But then one guy lost the plot and he got off the plane, and that’s after they canceled the flight and we all had to get off.”

The family then waited in vain alongside other passengers to see if alternative transport would be arranged to help them get home.

Ian continued: ‘We were told to stay put as Wizz Air reps were on their way but no bus or rep showed up.

The frustrated couple then decided to regroup with another family to share a taxi back to Cardiff Airport.

And the 60 mile journey to the airport cost them £166.

In response to their complaint, Wizz Air said: “We confirm that flight W9 5814 CFU-BRS has been delayed/cancelled due to airport/runway limitations.

“The circumstances referenced, in accordance with European Regulation 261/2004, fall into the category of extraordinary circumstances, so we regret to inform you that no compensation is due.”

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A Bristol Airport spokesperson said the responsibility for arranging onward travel for any diverted flights at UK airports lies with the airline.

Wizz Air has been approached for comment.


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