‘We’re like family now’ – Man rescued by pub manager and taxi driver


A biker whose life was saved by a heroic couple says they have become like a second family to him.

Andy Lane suffered a harrowing near-death experience just over a year ago on August 12, 2021, when he collapsed outside his flat in Weymouth.

He was saved thanks to the combined efforts of Dawn Maybery, manager of the nearby Waterloo pub, and taxi driver Ricky Cleverley.

The pair ran to give Andy life-saving CPR for 20 minutes until emergency services arrived.

Andy’s collapse was caused by a brain hemorrhage and he continues to recover from his ordeal.

He has partially lost sight in his right eye, has short-term memory problems and can no longer drive, but considers himself lucky to be alive.

“I was lucky to have Dawn and Ricky around,” he said.

“If I had gone to my apartment, I would have left. Ever since I came back from the hospital, it’s like I have a new family with these two. I wouldn’t be alive without them.

“Although I feel good now, I often think about what happened, it’s with me all the time.”

Following the lifesaving intervention, the community at The Waterloo pub in Grange Road took the initiative to raise over £2,443 to install a defibrillator for the community.

Echo of Dorset:

Additional funds have been donated to the Wessex Neurological Center at Southampton General Hospital.

Andy, Dawn and Ricky are now calling for more defibrillators to be installed around Weymouth.

Dawn said she has become close to Andy since the ordeal and will always be friends, but recently thought about the event.

She added: “I thought I would be prepared for the trauma, but I’ve had a lot to do for the past nine months on top of that and now I can’t get August 12 out of my brain. Thankfully, I I have great support and I receive advice.

Dorset Echo: Andy and Dawn donate the remaining money from the purchase of the defibrillator to the Southampton Neurological Unit.  Photo: Dawn Maybery

“Many people have commented on how much the defibrillator has been needed since it was installed. In fact, it was almost only used eight days after it was installed on the wall, and we believe it should be on every street .”

Ricky said: “Andy has made a miraculous recovery – when we first met him at the Waterloo Pub after he was released from hospital he couldn’t even walk. We watched his recovery and it’s like day and night with the way it is now.

“We want to see one defibrillator in every ward of Weymouth, then two, then three in the larger wards, so we have them on hand.”

The trio hope to hold another fundraiser at the pub over two days to raise money to install two more defibrillators in Weymouth.

Dorset Echo: The defibrillator is installed free of charge by Andy Lambart of Handyman Solutions.  Photo: Ricky Cleverley

Ricky says that without the help of the community and groups it would not have been possible to install the defibrillator, he said: “We would like to thank the Dark Descendants and Donna Slade for providing the PA system to everyone else and their performance, and all other entertainment and bands who played for free; Andy Matthews Oldè Hazard & Grey, Du Kane himself, Leggomen William A Hutchinson & Ben Delplanque, Matthew Taylor of That Britt Pop Band, Carl Robert Williams of Ironed Maiden, Sequin Sherrill of Steve Mears and Andy Lambart of Handyman Solutions for installing the device.

“I would also like to thank Stuart Lee for working the bar for free and all of the companies and people who donated prizes for the raffle and everyone who generously donated to the defibrillator, we wouldn’t have had this that we needed without you all.”


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