Wheelchair-friendly taxis will be in service


A Hong Kong taxi company today announced plans to launch two wheelchair-friendly taxis that allow customers to board and alight easily.

SynCab Taxi’s two Nissan Serena e-Power taxis will be equipped with five seats for customers, including two separate seats in this middle row and two wheelchair-convertible seats in the back row, according to Sonia Cheng Man-yee. , executive director of Chung Shing Taxi – the parent company of SynCab.

An adjustable ramp will be installed in the rear compartment to allow customers in wheelchairs to easily enter and exit the vehicle.

Two new vehicles, purchased at a cost of HK$400,000 each, will be put into service during the project’s four- to six-month trial period, after which 100 vehicles are expected to be introduced.

The fare for new taxis will be the same as regular taxis with credit card payment accepted, while the booking service fee is HK$120.

“New hybrid vehicles will bring less emissions,” Cheng said.

Lawmaker Stanley Li Sai-wing pointed out that the new vehicles could meet the growing demand of wheelchair users for accessible travel, noting that he believed the taxi business could contribute to the development of an inclusive society for people. People with Disabilities.


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