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Who applied to be Shreveport’s new police chief? here is the list


The Shreveport Police Department has released the list of candidates who have been approved by the Police Public Service Board to become the next town chief of police.

Of the nine candidates, five are currently at the SPD. One is a former Shreveport officer. Another is a former member of the Bossier Town Police Department and two others are law enforcement officials in southern Louisiana.

The city is looking to fill the vacancy when Ben Raymond announced his resignation in late August at the request of Mayor Adrian Perkins. Raymond took leave until November and returned to active service with the SPD at the rank of sergeant. Deputy Chief Wayne Smith serves as Alternate Chief until a permanent replacement is appointed.

One of the candidates is former SPD administrative assistant Marcus Mitchell, who was forcibly dismissed in November. Mitchell was fired for breaking department rules and regulations. Despite his dismissal, the board of directors, by 6 votes to 3, declared him eligible for the post.

The list of nine approved candidates includes:

Jason frazier Shreveport Police Department
Marcus Hines Shreveport Police Department
Michael jones Shreveport Police Department
Wayne smith Shreveport Police Department
Michael tyler Shreveport Police Department
Marcus mitchell Former Shreveport Police Department
Samuel wyatt Former Bossier police station
Dorian Brabham Lafayette Police Department
Kenneth Wall Sulfur Police Department

Candidates will take the test on December 9. A minimum score of 75 is required to be considered for employment by Mayor Perkins.

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