Who really loves what Travis Kalanick and Elizabeth Holmes are selling?


Richard Lawson: Yes. And I think I’m afraid we won’t see any more wickedness. Uh, before we wrap up, David, uh, I have to ask you a very important question, maybe hard to answer. Do you think this is the most effective use of Katy Perry’s “Firework”?

David Canfield: Nowadays?

Richard Lawson: Nowadays?

David Canfield: I do. And I think that’s all I can say because there’s another show coming up that could very well use the same song.

Richard Lawson: So did it happen rust and boneMarion Cotillard watching a whale.

David Canfield: Oh, oh my God. wow.

Richard Lawson: He is the big competitor.

David Canfield: You brought it back with force. Uh, I don’t, I don’t, I mean, my love for Marion and rust and bone, I don’t know if I can, it can top that.

Richard Lawson: It really is apples and oranges.

David Canfield: It’s apples and oranges. And I think overall, and I know you talked about the soundtrack and we’ll continue to talk about the shows, uh, great, uh, capturing a very specific moment in time. Hmm, but that’s a perfect use of fireworks. Let me put it this way.

Richard Lawson: Well, it’s, it’s because in rust and bone, which if people don’t know it’s a French film starring Marion Cottillard, uh, it’s worth seeing. Uh, Matthias Schoenaerts too. Um, it’s also always worth looking for. Uh, uh, you know, and it’s a sentimental moment. Uh, but here I think somehow the show, uh, director Michael Showalter uh, Alan Ruck, it taps into this show, there’s something desperate about this song. Like, like it was like William H Macy and Magnolia were listening to “To Dreams Can Come True,” you know, in his car or whatever. And that’s how it should be a catchy song, but actually in that context, it’s pathetic.

David Canfield: It’s, uh, not that I’m going to call Katie Perry pathetic, but it’s like with the, with the lenses, around this point in time, uh, the, an appropriate tonal balance, uh, for the Katy Perry soundtrack, because it’s Elizabeth Holmes. I do not know.

Richard Lawson: Yeah. Imagine getting excited and quoting, uh, Katy Perry’s fireworks to entice your company to invest in Theranos. Like, it’s just, maybe it’s just hindsight, but tragic.

David Canfield: Especially because you really have to prepare for this to continue.

Richard Lawson: Well, okay. Yeah. And like-

David Canfield: What better song to do that.

Richard Lawson: And, and like, yeah, yeah. And, and I don’t know, I feel, I feel, I feel for, for Jay weirdly, uh, as he desperately quotes this song. And I don’t know if it’s, uh- anyway, this episode gave us a lot to discuss and think about, uh, so again, please email us at [email protected] com. Uh, next week, uh, we’re going to cover three shows. So we have episode three of super pumped, The stall episode five, then the first three episodes of We crashed. So it will be a big episode. We probably can’t get too much into the weeds on everything, but, uh, we’ll do our noble best. Um, please follow us on Twitter, always watching. I’m at @rilaws David, where can we find you?

David Canfield: Uh, DavidCanfield97.

Richard Lawson: This episode was edited and produced by Dave Gonzalez, and as always happy to invest. .

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