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Why Crazy Taxi would work as a free game


SEGA plans to create free games from its catalog of titles rivaling Fortnite, and Crazy Taxi would be the perfect choice.

In a desperate pursuit towards fortnitefrom the runaway success of SEGA, SEGA is working on what they call the Sega Super Game Initiative to revive dormant franchises that will fit into the current gaming ecosystem. The company digs into its classics to find the next big free hit and revitalizes crazy cab just maybe crazy enough to work. Sonic has already found a resurgence with its recent theatrical success. crazy cab can follow suit by combining its timeless gameplay with the free-to-play formula.

A restart of crazy cab Reportedly been in development for over a year now. SEGA wants to create a competitive online game that is free and open to in-game purchases, using fortnite as blueprint. It may seem like malicious marketing that hampers creativity, but crazy cab can be the right blend of engaging gameplay and a free-to-play model that will genuinely satisfy fans.

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For the uninitiated, crazy cab is a high-speed arcade classic where players rush quirky pedestrians to their destinations for massive high scores. Driving through the blazing streets of San Francisco is a joy thanks to the smooth driving mechanics and style of the game. Its loud and aggressive aesthetic reflects the attitude of the late 90s and early 2000s from which the franchise was born. All those pieces that fit together effortlessly are what made crazy cab become a cult classic.

An aspect of crazy cab what makes it so good with the free-to-play model SEGA is aiming for is the notorious product placement. crazy cabThe original versions of implemented product placement like KFC, Tower Records and FILA everywhere. Not-so-subtle ads have become so synonymous with crazy cab than the phrase “Take me to Pizza Hut!” is one of the game’s most iconic catchphrases. crazy cab is already popular for its own goofy product placements and will therefore translate perfectly to a time when Sony and Microsoft want to push ads into more games.

There’s a reason SEGA wants to bring back old franchises for this new initiative rather than creating new ones, and it’s because of the value of nostalgia. crazy cab is not only nostalgic for having achieved cult classic status, but mainly because the style of the game is so much a product of its time that the game appealed greatly to the late 90s and early generation of gamers. 2000s. Sega could inject even more nostalgia into product placement by using early 2000s renditions of the iconic brand logos everyone loves. Free games tend to take advantage of nostalgic cross-promotion, for which crazy cab is already ripe


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Now is the right time to develop a new arcade style driving game as the popularity of the whole genre has increased. Arcade fun Forza Horizon The series has emerged from the shadow of its simulation-focused big brother. Forza Motorsports and rocket league prove that there is a high demand for free competitive multiplayer driving games. crazy cab already has the addictive score-hunting gameplay nailed down and will fit right in with its modern competition. Allowing players to fully customize their taxis to race against each other and clock for the highest score is the kind of fast-paced spectacle people crave.

Although they are over twenty years old, few developers have attempted to take crazy cab‘s place in a meaningful way. This leaves plenty of room for that special gameplay loop to return. crazy cab is in a perfect place to make a hard-hitting return as a free-to-play game, as its hectic gameplay and explosive presentation make it a wild ride for everyone.

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