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Why MPG should be important for electric vehicles – TechCrunch


If protecting the environment is just a lifestyle choice, automakers and their latest electric vehicles will have us covered. Tesla’s plaid touts performance. Reefs, Prius and Bolt preach humility. And Ford is flexing its muscles with the launch of the electric Mustang and the F-150.

But if consumers’ choices contribute to a more environmentally friendly future – that is, if they choose energy efficiency over flash – they must be able to make informed purchasing decisions. To make this possible, old-fashioned oil-age measuring rods can help: the concept of miles per gallon.

In the age of electric vehicles (EVs), buying cars is no longer the simple problem of finding high MPG cars and cheap gallons of gasoline. The electricity bill is confusing. Information on pricing and efficiency is difficult to find and understand. And finally, you have to do math.

It means knowing the kilowatt-hour (kWh), which is the selective unit of electrical energy. It’s a better chain for engineering textbooks. To determine the costs and carbon dioxide emissions, drivers must solve a puzzle that converts kWh into dollars and miles.

Otherwise, you trust the automaker to do the right thing for you and the environment.

The government can lead this file. In fact, he did, and he does. Gasoline pumps have long been sought after to list prices per gallon, gallons pumped, and total filling costs. The vehicle’s EPA mandatory mileage per gallon on the dash and MPG decals on all new cars tie it all together.

In other words, there may already be a common thread in the age of electric vehicles. A tangible, familiar unit of energy that provides an apple-to-apple way of thinking about cost, efficiency and pollution.

A fellow American greets Gallon. You can maintain your power unit even if you leave the gasoline car behind. It’s real, and if it works for the energy contained in the gas, we can make it work for electricity.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a gallon of unleaded gasoline contains approximately 34 kWh of energy. Knowing this, you can easily guess your power purchase costs and how far it can take you. Gallons help us better understand alternative electricity uses and compare household energy costs to car energy costs per apple.

When I inflated my energy bills in August, I learned the following:

  • My house used 56 gallons (1,888 kWh) of electricity.
  • My average household electricity bill was $ 6.34 per gallon.
  • With a Tesla compressor, I paid $ 8.43 per gallon (25 cents per kWh).

The government has already released the MPG equivalent of electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles. With MPG, it becomes clear that electric vehicles are effectively offsetting much of the high cost per gallon, often rated above 100 MPG.

MPG is already suitable for much more than buying a car. New York City’s MPG guideline has doubled the fuel economy of taxis since 2009. (The city has also reserved part of a hybrid taxi license (medallion).) Uber and Lyft have announced a green initiative, but deregulation allows them to circumvent MPG standards.

Smart energy purchases alone cannot solve climate change. Energy watchdogs are also expected to monitor the carbon impact of the power generation and electric vehicle equipment manufacturing industry.

However, all other things are the same, but using less energy means less pollution. And a typical unit can guide us to a wise choice that covers a lot more than our car. Should I buy a battery to fill up with electricity at the best time? Do solar panels make sense? What about better insulation and more efficient equipment?

High MPG vehicles and homes that are very useful in gallons? Together he makes a solid lifestyle choice.

Why MPG should be important for electric vehicles – TechCrunch Source link Why MPG should be important for electric vehicles – TechCrunch


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