Woman goes from trucker to social media sensation, entrepreneur


(WGHP) – Clarissa Rankin is conquering the world of men. But make no mistake, she does it her way.

“We learn this truck a little differently than men,” Clarissa says of how she drives her cargo truck. “We are very gentle. The women are very caressing behind the wheel.

She comes from a long line of transportation people. His grandmother was running – how would we best describe that? Something of an “unlicensed cab service” in the Myrtle Beach area nearly a hundred years ago. This idea of ​​taking people or things has stayed with her family ever since. But that’s not where Clarissa started her professional life.

“I had my bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and worked in the prison system and the school system,” she says. “This stubborn prison system was a headache, but I wanted to follow my degree and I wanted to prevent offenders from reoffending.”

But not only was she not making a lot of money, but she also had $50,000 in student loans to pay off. It was time for a change and trucking seemed like the right business.

“You can make a lot of money. The first year I was there, I made about $50,000,” Clarissa explains. “It was just driving – company driver – and it was like going from one warehouse to another and then, after that, it was over. I made over $130,000,” as a trucker.

Then she discovered social media. Well, she knew social media – she posted things on YouTube and Instagram pretty much every day, but had hardly any followers.

“I did YouTube for years and I wasn’t seen, but I didn’t care,” she says. “I was talking to two people even though I didn’t care and was going to give up. I was like, ‘Ugh, I can’t keep giving my time to these, unseen, why am I doing this?’ And the day I was going to give up, my husband said, “Hey, post on that,” and I posted on TikTok. And as soon as I posted on TikTok, as soon as I posted, it went viral.

She now has over 1.5 million subscribers who love the content she posts, whether it’s informative or irreverent.

“Now I earn more from social media,” than she does from driving, Clarissa says. “With social media, I can make almost $5,000 in 30 seconds with a video,” for products like Febreze.

Despite her success, she says she is still mother and wife first. But she’s added a businesswoman to that list, recently launching a cosmetics line that’s sold at truck stops across the country. And that’s why you might not see her behind the wheel of her big truck in five or ten years.

“I see myself being an entrepreneur, having my cosmetics line at truck stops, I see myself educating, giving motivational speeches, traveling the world, educating more women to get into trucking,” Clarissa says.

You can find Clarissa on her Youtube, Instagram or Facebook.

Check out some of the videos that made her famous in this edition of The Buckley Report.


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