Woman refuses to go out alone after taxi driver yells at her to get in taxi


A mother has been left terrified after claiming a taxi driver ‘yelled at her’ to get into his cab. Kass Brownfield says the incident happened last Sunday (March 27) in Victoria Road, Fenton.

But she’s still waiting for the police to come out and see her. They initially said they would visit him on Monday morning, but they had still not done so four days after the incident.

Recalling what happened, Kass, 27, said: “I was walking home and he stopped next to me and told me to get in the car. It was scary .

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“I just want to warn the public about this. The police still haven’t come to see me. He was a taxi driver and he was yelling at me to get in the car.”

Kass was returning from Asda to Victoria Road around 10 p.m. The taxi belonged to a popular local company.

She added: “My phone was dead so I started running home. As soon as I got home I called the police.

“It lasted about five minutes. We want to inform others, not just women, but also vulnerable men.

“I just want to warn the public to be careful when getting into taxis. I think the taxi company should be checked properly.”

Kass lives just around the corner from Asda and won’t be dating again without her partner of 30 years, Daz Brownfield, and someone else.

Daz said: “She normally goes out a lot. We don’t drive so if we go further we use public transport.

“We will no longer use taxis.” The taxi company declined to comment.

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